Private Occupational Therapy for Children and Families on the Kapiti Coast

We work with children, parents and families within their homes and local communities in Kapiti


Hi, I'm Jamie Blank, NZ Registered Occupational Therapist & Director of SPOT NZ

A little while ago (2018) I founded SPOT in a response to a growing need on the Kapiti Coast for Occupational Therapy for children and families facing additional challenges in daily life. 

My work has a direct focus on empowering parents, helping children with daily life skills, and supporting families within the local community. 

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Home, Community, & Online Occupational Therapy services

Offering a range of services and parent support and educational programs to help children and families thrive. Find an option that works for your family's needs, budget, and availability. 

Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching

Sensory Profile Assessment & Plan

Educational Programs, resources, and memberships options

Social & Emotion focussed groups for school-age kids

1:1 OT intervention


What Our Parents Say

"Jamie has gone above and beyond for our family and has stepped in at a time of great need to offer her knowledge and support. She has provided invaluable strategies and tools for us to apply and in doing so has given us a greater insight into the needs of our son. She has enveloped us in love, care, and support and we don't know where we would be today if it wasn't for her professional support and practice". 

Jodie F.

Jamie has a calm and grounding nature and always respectfully listens.


Our child is now thriving, confident, happy, becoming resilient, building his self-esteem and our family is in a space of happy.

The most important thing is that we deeply understand our child more than ever before  and how to meet his needs”


Genaya N

All children develop in their own time and space

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