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We are now part of Nurture & Thrive Children's Therapy Collective

Due to our service growth SPOT has teamed up with Playsense Therapy under this new entity.

Nurture and Thrive CTC will be managed and directed by myself, Jamie Blank, formerly of Sensory Pathways OT,  and Erin Rayner, formerly of Playsense Therapies. This change will enable us to streamline services, grow our team of therapists and pull together our resources in order to give our clients a high standard of care and quality services. 


Nurture and Thrive Children’s Therapy Collective is a private pediatric therapy service established (2020) and directed by Jamie Blank and Erin Rayner -New Zealand Registered Pediatric Occupational Therapists. Erin and Jamie share a passion for providing family-centered practice that is meaningful, fun, and practical. Our mission is also to bring together and support a team of allied health professionals who share our vision and want to provide quality services to children and families. 

Our shared mission at Nurture & Thrive is to help Tamariki... 

  • Feel empowered, engaged and connected to the world around them 

  • To be able to complete everyday tasks and activities with greater ease and joy

  • For their whānau to have a greater knowledge base and support system to assist their young people in their daily life.  

 We are excited to be part of this team and hope to have a bigger impact and reach for all our clients needing Pediatric OT services.

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Child & Family Occupational Therapy Services, Kapiti Coast & Online

Is your child struggling to:

Meet developmental or physical milestones?

Manage schoolwork or meet the expectations of school?

Make friends or manage social situations?

Regulate their emotions or manage anxiety?

Respond appropriately to sensory input (without overreacting or underacting)?

We’ll identify what the barrier is, why it is causing difficulty, and how we can make work to manage or overcome this struggle. 

Get in touch today to learn more about our Occupational Therapy Service.

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Learn, Play & Thrive 

A child’s ‘occupations’ are their daily activities: learning, playing, making friends, eating, moving, dressing, and sleeping.

Difficulties in these areas can impact on their independence and self-esteem. 

Increased skills in any of these areas improve children’s capabilities and confidence, and the wellbeing of the whole family. 

We help your child, and we help YOU to help your child. We combine 1:1 therapy with parent coaching for a more effective, and empowering solution. 

Less struggling means better living.

We’ve removed the barriers to getting help by ensuring our services are:


We structure services in a way that provides value for money. We offer a range of services and programs to suit different family budgets and funding streams. 


We’re here to help local families who need help. You can self refer, no official diagnosis required, or a minimum level of disability to use our services. 


You are your child’s expert. Our professional knowledge is always paired with kindness, and respect for your role as a parent. No overwhelming terminology or too many goals - we speak your language and take things step by step. 


The purpose of our therapy is  progress. An increase in skills for your child, greater understanding for you, and solid strategies to help your family thrive. 

We provide 1:1 individualised Occupational Therapy in our Kapiti Coast clinic, at your child's school or at home. We also have a range of group therapies available. 

For families unable to travel to the Kapiti Coast for therapy we can support you through online Parent Coaching and educational programs & resources. 

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