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Founder, Director & Registered Occupational Therapist

Meet Jamie: Welcome


A little bit about me & my work

My professional career has been rich and varied, with years spent working in child adolescent mental health, rehabilitation, and private pediatrics. I’ve seen and supported a wide range of both visible and invisible differences including autism, ADHD, trauma, depression, sensory processing, anxiety and physical disabilities/ developmental delay.  I have over a decade’s experience and am sought after for my warm and wise approach. 

 Whether your child’s difficulties are physical, emotional, social, or seemingly ‘invisible’ such as anxiety or sensory-related, I’ll shine a light on what is happening, and how to move forward. 

I’m all about creating simple, supportive solutions because I know too well what the alternative is - wading through parent groups for credible advice, or falling down the Google ‘rabbit hole’. I don’t want that for families who have enough on their plate already. I founded SPOT to give you somewhere and someone to turn to for genuine help. We can cut out all that confusion and get straight to some progress. Together.

I’m here to help your child and your family live better lives. 

When your child is facing challenges, you need two things - Help, & Hope. 

Your child’s challenges can improve.

Your family life can be smoother.

Let me show you how. 

Meet Jamie: Meet the Team
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